Who I am

My passion for design and photography pushes me to always learn something new, the love keeps me going—time really does fly when you’re having fun. It’s been 15 years now since I began working as a freelance graphic designer: designing logos, print marketing materials, and websites; along with 13 years of photography experience in fine art photography, printing (traditional darkroom and digital output), commercial and portrait photography. These two mediums have intermingled well throughout my career. I’m always creating something, whether for my own personal art or for my clients.

Some other skills I’ve developed along the way include managing multiple projects, communicating with clients, working with vendors, and meeting deadlines.

What I do

Graphic Design and Photography Services:

Logo Design
Business Cards
Brochures / Catalogs
Flyers / Sell Sheets
Banners / Billboards

Website Design
Custom Email Template Design
Fine Art Photographic Prints
Portrait Photography
Commercial / Product Photography
Artist Slides & Digital Images of Artwork
Real Estate Photography

Donna Giovanni

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